Why Your Search Traffic Is Diminishing

Why Your Search Traffic Is Diminishing image search engine optimization 1It is possible that you didn’t notice that your search traffic to your website has been diminishing lately. If you think about it for a little while, you may see that your search traffic numbers are not what they used to be and it is an excellent idea for you to do something about that before it gets any worse.

Up until today, if you have never changed anything about your approach to getting people to pay attention to your offerings online, it is definitely time for you to start paying more attention and making changes that will help you to increase your traffic exponentially and quickly. As you are going through your analysis, you will discover all sorts of interesting issues that you had no idea even existed. There are many different places that you will look to determine what is going on with your search traffic. One of those areas is the analytics. That will help you to determine exactly which areas need help and which ones are prospering. Another thing to consider is taking a good look at your website pages and adding optimized pages, which will help to increase your traffic.

Performing an audit

No matter what, you will need to conduct some sort of audit in order to discover what is going on. That means that you will have to pay close attention to your keywords, which will give you a good idea of your rankings on the search engines. It will also give you important information on competitive intelligence. This definitely may be a significant contributing factor when it comes to your search traffic numbers.

There are many different things that you should be able to identify and if you can identify the issues that are affecting your traffic numbers, you can fix those issues and increase your traffic.

Pay attention to the competition

When it comes to helping other people and giving them the benefit of your knowledge and expertise, you must subscribe to the WIIFM concept (What’s In It For Me?). In other words, it doesn’t really matter how wonderful you are and how strong your capabilities are. All that is important is that you are able to solve the other person’s problem or problems. It can never be about you and your business. It must always be about the other person and his or her problems. One of the things that you must explore and pay close attention to is what your competition is doing and how that affects you. If a person (or a business) is serving as direct competition to what you are doing, if is bound to affect you in a profound way. You need to find out what your competition is doing and make sure that you can offer comparable products and services so that you can stay in the game.

Your content is not fresh

By now, it should be very apparent that your content should always be fresh and innovative. The reason for that, of course, is to continue to entice your search traffic and keep them coming back as much as possible. If you are not constantly sharing new, unique, exciting content, it will become stale very quickly. One thing that you may find helpful is never to put any sort of date or dated event in your content. That way, you can recycle it as need be whenever you wish to do so. The more new content your produce, the more other people will be interested in reading what you are sharing.

Everyone’s taste is different

Sometimes, people are not connecting with your website when they are searching for something simply because they are not interested enough in your offerings to do so. That is truly something that you cannot control. All that you can do is to try to make your web presence (and all of the content that is connected to it) the most compelling, enticing, and exciting content that you can. It is very important that you should remember to pay very close attention to your competition and what they are doing and compare what you have to what they are offering. That is extremely valuable information and it behooves you to concentrate on that information to the best of your ability.


There are many possible reasons for your search traffic diminishing but if you do everything that you can possibly do to keep your traffic numbers up and also concentrate on building relationships with your online connections once those people have connected with you, you will have better numbers before you know it. Remember that you need to do everything possible as far as the search engines are concerned and share good-quality, thought-provoking, exciting, valuable content. People who come across your content will be delighted to deepen the relationship with youj.

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