Action Bronson rigged the 1995 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

action bronson tease

In 1995, it seemed unbelievable that Olympic gold medalist and all-around baller Patrick Ewing actually missed a last second shot that would’ve sent the NBA Eastern Conference Finals into overtime. The heated series between Ewing’s New Yorks Knicks and their storied rivals Miami Heat came down to one simple layup, literally the easiest shot in the whole game. Now, 18 years later, it’s come out that the fix was in, and the mastermind has revealed himself: Action Bronson.

In the new teaser for the sequel to his Blue Chips mixtape, Bronson uses some convincing words (plus a duffel bag and Uzi) to nudge the game in the direction he wants. Recent single “Practice” demonstrated Bronson’s basketball fandom, but now we know just how far he’d go for his beloved sport. Also, snorting coke leads to kissing dudes. Just saying. Watch the conspiracy unfold below.

Blue Chips 2 is set to drop later this week.

Blue Chips 2 Tracklist:
01. Silverado
02. Introduction feat. Big Body Bes
03. Pepe Lopez
04. The Don’s Cheek
05. It Concerns Me
06. Practice
07. Travolta & Jackson feat. Meyhem Lauren
08. Through the Eyes of a G feat. Ab-Soul
09. Contemporary Man
10. Twin Peugeots feat. Big Body Bes & Mac Miller
11. Man in the Mirror
12. Midgets Cough
13. It’s Me
14. Flip ‘Ya feat. Retchy P
15. 9.24.13 feat. Big Body Bes
16. Rolling Thunder
17. Amadu Diablo
18. In the City. feat. Jeff Woods
19. I Adore You

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