About Us

Airing News is an online newspaper. Whether you like tech, sports, painting or business Airing News has all of them in one place.

The Airing News collects thousands of news every day. We extract news content, images, videos from original link and identify companies, people, products, brands, locations, and organizations. Also our newsgathering system analysis of the article and detect categories and social tags. Look at the News Publisher List.

Events and Movies

Airing News also provides movie and concert information to you.

Our Movie Db has thousands of movie information, you can review the movie, personal information. All movie information updates daily. You can’t miss any upcoming movies and playing movies.

Be the first to know about concerts. Our event service is let you know about concerts around you or other cities.

Image Galleries and Videos

We extract thousands of images and videos from articles. All article images can be accessed from gallery and videos from here