Month: October 2018

L Shape Desk – Common Myths

There are quite a few myths that come along with owning or purchasing an L shape computer desk. This is especially true when you are having one built from your own design, or are even purchasing the desk over the internet without seeing it before you actually place the order. Some of the more common myths are listed below, with reasons to exactly why they are only a myth and not the true reality of buying and owning an L shape desk.

l shaped computer desk

Myth #1

Expensive To Have Designed & Built – When you think about contacting a local craftsman to have your desk designed and built, you may think that it is going to cost a large amount of money. The fact is that these types of desks require small amounts of materials, so you are not going to be spending near as much as you would initially think. The amount of work that goes into an L shaped desk is also minimal when compared to other projects, so you will not be taken to the cleaners in the cost of labor, either.

Myth #2

Requires A Large Amount Of Floor Space – L shape desks actually take up less floor space than most executive desks. Their design helps to utilize the most amount of space available, by providing you increased workspace, as well as a layout that makes it easy to utilize the entire desk. When compared to other desk layouts, an L shape desk speaks for itself in terms of usability.

Myth #3

Wood Is The Only Material Available – While you are ordering you may also think that wood is the only material that you can have your desk built from, or find available for ordering. This simply isn’t true. With advances in manufacturing processes over the last 20 years, you can literally find desks available in almost any material you can imagine. From the glass to metal, and even some plastic desks, the options that you have are almost endless.

Myth #4

L Shape Desks Are Expensive To Order – This greatly depends on the size of the desk that you are planning on ordering. What typically happens is that the larger, more expensive desks that you would think are expensive to ship are actually free to ship because the company is making more off of you purchasing the desk than it would cost them to pay for shipping it to your house.…