Day: February 9, 2018

Why Use Gun Safes?

Here at the Gun Safes Guide we’re asked all the time by our family and friends: Why do you guys love gun safes so much? Why do you even use them? What’s the point?

We kind of laugh at this question a little bit because if you’re a gun owner you know the answer already. There is just no reason not to have gun safes in your home.

Here’s what I always tell people who ask me why I have a gun safe:

Gun Safes: Store Your Guns Safely

A gun safe protects my family and everyone I care about from having gun related accidents. If I leave my guns lying around the house or sitting in a closet somewhere or just hanging on the wall or underneath my pillow, someone is going to pick up that gun and hurt themselves.

If you don’t have a gun safe it’s only a matter of time before one of your kids, or one of their friends, gets into your guns and starts trying to play with them or check them out. This is not something you want to happen because when your guns are getting played with without you knowing, there’s no telling what kind of bad things will happen. You’re liable to come home from work one day to find your kid with his hand blown off or something worse!

Put your guns in a gun safe and there will be no excuse for accidents like that. They just won’t happen. Only you know the combination to the safe and no one else can access it. As long as you keep all of your dangerous firearms in there, there won’t be any risk of injury.

A Gun Safe Provides Peace of Mind

So that’s the main reason I own gun safes. They safeguard the people I love from firearm accidents. But there’s also some other great reasons to own these safes. You can store other types of things in gun safes, not just guns. You can put your wife’s jewelry in there, your passports, bank information, money, all sorts of valuable things can be put in a gun safe and because the gun safe is designed to keep people from touching really dangerous firearms it will help in keeping everyone away from your valuable possessions as well.

A few months ago my house was broken into. I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t have any burglar alarms on my house, I don’t believe in them because I own guns. So the burglar had free access to everything in my house while my family and I were on vacation. We came back and found everything a total mess.

Our bookcases were all knocked over, our couch was ripped up, and our drawers and closets were wide open and spilling their contents all over the floor. It was awful.

Luckily, we keep everything really important in our gun safe down in the basement. It wasn’t even touched. The damn thing is too heavy to lift so the bastard couldn’t run off with it and the lock is so secure that he wasn’t able to pry it open or figure out the combination. Our guns and valuables were perfectly safe. The guy probably only made off with like fifty dollars cash we had on the kitchen counter.

When you own a gun safe you own piece of mind. You don’t have to worry about losing your guns or losing your valuables because these things are amazingly strong and durable. Even if I didn’t own a gun and I was just in the market for a safe to keep my valuables in I would go out and buy a gun safe because they are just that good.

Gun Safes Are the Best Looking Safes

Not only are they really great for securing your valuable possessions in but these things look nice too. Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes and you can really pick and choose to tailor the look to the room you want to keep it in. Like I said, I keep mine in the basement so I have a pretty drab model but I’ve seen some in the store that would look great in my office or even in the living room.

They come in all colors and sometimes they’ll have nice hunting designs like elk or deer on them. If you’re looking for a gun safe for your hunting lodge they’ve probably got one that will look perfect for you.

There is just no reason to not own a gun safe. You don’t even need to own a gun. If you’re interested in protecting your valuables from theft, fire, or any other kind of worldly disaster you should pick up one of these safes. If you’re trying to safeguard your children and your family from the vast gun collection you’ve accumulated, pick up a gun safe and don’t even worry about them.…