Month: December 2016

Are There Any Comfortable Sofa Beds?

When you are planning to buy new furniture to replace the one, then you should start by your needs. Furniture is available everywhere, and you can choose from thousands of showrooms that can meet your furniture requirements.

Time has passed and many trends which lasted for years are gone now. The conditions and modern trend are now Bed Sofa. It might sound very funny or amusing for many people to have a Bed Sofa in their living room than a regular sofa.

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy the Bed Sofa than a regular sofa. Today we will cover sofa which can be used as a bed as well. These sofas do come at a high price, and the quality is unbeatable.

Are There Comfortable Sofa Beds?

There are many brands are working on producing sofa which can also use as a bed in your living room. The modern trend has been efficience few years and many people are using it. In next five years, it is expected that whole market will be filled with these sofas.

Supersoft Sofa Bed in Black Colour by Furny

How many of you are there who like a trend and stylish sleeper sofas in your living room? The numbers are huge indeed. Furny has worked hard so that they can produce this sofa bed for the users. The price tag of the product is around Rs.24,000, and you can buy this in your nearby store or online portals.

Gaiety Luxurious Sofa cum Bed in Black Colour by Furny

If you are ready to invest a little around Rs.25,000 on the sofa bed, then Furny has one more product which has produced from Leather. The legs of the product made from Metal, and you get three leather matching color pillows to increase comfort and style. You can get this from the local store or online portal as well.

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Flora Slider Sofa cum Bed in Brown Colour by Auspicious

Auspicious is one of a major brand, who are known to produce the quality of furniture for the users. This time the company a sofa bed for you, which has been built from Leather and the wood finishing gives it a luxury look. If you are willing to spend Rs.24,000, then you should give it a try.

Supersoft Sofa Bed in Light Grey Colour by Furny

Comfort is not compared when you have a sofa bed, which can beat almost any sofa bed. One look at this beauty will make you feel to sleep even when your body doesn’t want to sleep. Furny has super soft sofa bed comes with fantastic bed sofa, and it has pillows of the same quality to match the quality of sofa. The product comes with the price tag of Rs.25,000.


Nothing is more important than relaxation even when you are watching a movie. Bed sofas are very useful when you are going to spend more time while sitting, it is ideal for those who work at their homes. The prices are unbeatable because of the quality and durability.